About us

The Recovery Letters started as an idea when I was staying at Maytree Respite Centre in November 2011.

My depression was very acute and I lost many things in my life, my job, concentration, some friends, the ability to read, nearly my life and all hope. I had suicide attempts and intrusive suicidal thoughts were fairly constant.

Before depression I was an avid reader of novels, I used to get through 2-3 a month and reading gave me balance and escapism, then suddenly I could hardly read a sentence. This coupled with the fact that no one told me that I could recover from depression made my illness unbearable. What I wanted was to see that people had come through what I was experiencing and had gone on to live their life. I found huge tombstone-like books about depression that were far too large for me to read. I wanted to read something personal about recovery from depression and so the idea was born.

The idea stayed with me throughout 2011 and into 2012 and after a stay in a psychiatric hospital I decided to try and put the idea of Recovery Letters into practice. I set up a blog and a twitter account and over the next few years the letters and twitter followers increased and I set up this website. 

No one pays nor is paid for their contribution to The Recovery Letters and I work voluntarily. People who have been through depression reach out to those suffering and give hope that you can live alongside or after, any type of depression.

Until I went to stay in Maytree no one had told me that I could recover from depression and I hope that's the message you receive from letters. You CAN recover from depression and our letters are proof of that. Keep going.

James Withey