From Your Friend

Dear You,

I am so sorry you have been suffering from depression.  I have also been plagued over the years by the same dreaded illness.  I know how miserable it can be, how it's saps you of your energy, your will to do things, enjoy life and friendships. I really do empathise with you, I know the pain.

My daughter said to me once, "Mum, it will pass". Those three words meant so much to me, it gave me a glimmer of hope.  I try to go each day for a walk with my dog, it gives me a purpose it lifts the pain. I am not sure ithese things will resonate with you, but maybe one of them will. 

I also find singing really helps me, when I am anxious or down, it takes me to a better place my faith also gives me tremendous strength.

If you can find comfort and solace in one or two activities and remember you are loved and most importantly "it will pass" a door will open for you and the light will come in. 


Your Friend