From Sara

Dear You,

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably having a bad day, or even a bad week or two; it happens from time to time.

What I’m going to tell you, you may not believe, but it’s true: It won’t last forever. You may be sat there reading this, thinking that there’s no hope or happiness to be found; doubting yourself, your strength, who you are as a person even; you may even have that annoying poison parrot sitting on your shoulder, whispering sweet nothings of negativity constantly; and you may even be planning your way out. DON’T. There will be better days, maybe even tomorrow.

I hope you’re listening to me now, because here are the most important things to remember: You ARE strong. You ARE capable. You CAN get through this. You WILL beat the black dog.

I know that it doesn’t feel like it right now, and everything is really overwhelming and scary. I know that the intrusive thoughts are screaming and won’t give you a break for even 5 minutes. I know that all you want to do is cry, hide away or even end it all. But, the latter is NOT an option. You have so much to live for; so much to fight for.

Think about your family and friends – You have so many people that love, care and want to support you. Turn to them for help, don’t battle this alone. Shutting yourself away is the worst thing you can do.

Ask for help, and I’m sure they’ll be there for you. Look at how far you’ve come; you have fought through tougher times and came out victorious on the other side. Yes, today may well be a bad day, but it’s not infinite. Soon you’ll reach the end and step on the bottom of a ladder. Keep searching for that ladder. It IS there, and you WILL find it and come back up again. Trust me. Never give up HOPE that better days are just around the corner, all you’ve got to do is tough it out for today, scratch it up to experience and move on.

You made it through yesterday, and you can make it through today, tomorrow, and beyond. You are STRONGER than you believe you are.

Remember this mantra: REFUSE TO SINK, INSTEAD LEARN TO FLY. – Find your wings and soar up, up and away from all the negativity. You know you can do it. You’re a WARRIOR. You’re a SURVIVOR.

You know that inside of you there is a fire burning, fan the flames and get that head up. How can you see where you’re going if you keep looking at your feet? Look forward, not down or back. There are better days ahead, and one day, you’ll read this and think “Hey, she was right! Look at me now, I’m doing great!” So now then little fighter, chin up and show the world that smile, things will get brighter.

You got this.

Love, Sara x