From Ryan

Dear You,


There was a time several years back when the darkness had a full hold on every aspect of my life. Stuck in a relationship and not being able to explain my feelings was now looking back just kindling for the demon that is depression. Having anxiety and difficulty in expressing my thoughts was like trying to fly to the moon without oxygen and it came to the point I tried to take my own life and if it wasn't for the staff around I would not be able to share this now.


No one can define depression as it’s a personal and deeply trying thing to explain; don't feel like it’s a hindrance to people that want to listen to you. Start small, don't have to feel like you need to off load everything at once, taking small steps will feel like you've unlocked a door that you didn't know was shut.


Words can never truly explain the feeling but believe me when I say I never thought I’d be here now doing what I’m doing, I’m still getting help and now the way I feel deep inside is looking brighter.


There is something for you, I love you all