From Paul 2

Dear You,

I consider that Blackie, the Black Dog is the family pet that adopted us as we did not adopt it, and the damn thing has visited my Mum for decades, me for a few years, and has visited my kids on occasions. It hangs around some times, outstaying its welcome.

There are times it has snuck up behind me and I have thought ‘Aha that is why I'm flat’ as it walks behind me wagging its tail. Then there are the other times where it has romped up to me and leapt up on me. Those visits are a little harder to recover from.

The one rule we all have though is ‘Do NOT feed the Black Dog’! The other one is do not name the animal but it is little too late for that.

Oh Blackie can be persistent. Whinging, moaning and growling, looking at us with those big black eyes, hanging around hoping for scraps. So Gentle Reader, please do not feed this Black Dog. You will only encourage it.

From Paul