From Mike

Dear You,


Some years ago everything in my life went wrong. I was working in a new job that I hated and in a marriage that I shouldn't have been in. I was fearful of facing every day because of the anxiety and pain i was feeling, I would even throw up each morning before going to work.


I wasn't eating or sleeping properly and so the long cycle went on and on. Every thought that I had led me to the conclusion that I would die or that I would eventually take my own life.


Not long after the depression started I became involved in a part time business that promoted a "Personal Development Programme" to help people develop their people skills etc. The business was meant to be worked on a night time alongside my daytime job which proved a challenge having the depression.


After a while I decided to call it a day with the part time job as things were starting to get on top of me. Off I went to see my "Mentor" in the business to tell him that I had to quit! During the conversation my mentor said " So just to clarify Mike, you THINK that you have depression?"  I then verbally abused this guy believing that he was oversimplifying the depression. His reply was "Mike, do you have a bad leg or arm?" I said no, he then said so you have a bad head because of your thoughts?


I had to concede that there was some kind of logic to his statement so i listened with intrigue as to his next move. He told me to read a book called "The Psychology Of Winning" by Dennis Wheatly. I decided to give the book a go as other things that I hadn’t worked for me. He told me to read it for fifteen minutes a day, my concentration levels weren't great but gradually I managed it.


As time went on I went onto a book of the month plan and started reading half an hour and more. People were noticing a big change in my attitude. I was even getting job offers because of it. I was taking my tablets and reading continuously and within a period of time and with guidance from my Doctor I was able to come off my medication, never to go back to them.


Looking back, I looked upon those times as "Bad Days", however, I believe that they came as a symbol for me to change my life. I certainly have changed and so has my life.


Life is beautiful for me now, I am happy and content and every day just gets better and better. I am now a Life Coach and a Speaker, Helping others to look at things differently.


All the above has genuinely helped and worked for me amongst other things and I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that there really is a light at the end of the tunell away from the pain and suffering!