From Me

Dear You

I know – who is that any more? That ‘you’ person.

Where is the person you used to be? Why would anyone want to bother with you, because you’re not that person any more…

I won’t go on, because you know all about that. Well, I certainly did when I was depressed.

That desperate feeling of being a waste of a healthy body, a useless ungrateful spoilt brat pain in the arse self indulgent whinging waste of air. Pointless and a nuisance and a bore.

But really, I just want you to know – yes, YOU, because you are still there. Deep inside, the real you is crouching like a hostage chained to a radiator, waiting to be released.

And if you can just get through today, then another and then a few more, you will see daylight again. Smell the morning. Stand at a bus stop. Open those envelopes. Do those normal things which now seem impossible

I was in there, a couple of times, but I’m out now. The real me is back in the world.

I still remember my days chained to the radiator and they will always scare me, but I got out.

I hope you will too. Maybe one day we’ll be standing at the same bus stop.

Until then, I’m thinking about you. All of you.

With lots of love