From Martina

Dear You,


I feel this is the right moment to write this letter. 


Just as the sun needs the moon to give sense to its own existence, me and you, we need our darkness to let our light shine as bright as the yellow of thousands of sunflowers. My darkness is a part of me, and that is good. As Leonard Cohen used to say “There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. Life is all about opposites.


White, and black.

The moon, and the sun.

Life, and death.

Happiness, and sadness.

Wakefulness, and slumber.

Pain, and pleasure.

Rain, and sun.

Deserts, and lakes.

Laughers, and bleedings.

Calmness, and excitement.

Darkness, and light.


Everything means something thanks to its own reverse. That is why right now you need exactly what you are passing through. Nothing else, nothing more. You need it, and you are meant to overcome it.


I know what you're feeling when you wake up in the morning. I vividly remember that early-rising and fussy void. The whispers in the head that follow you like watchdogs all day long becoming louder late at night because, even if supposed to, you cannot fall asleep. Voices are always there, making the 24 hours a non-stop-flow of foggy and painful daze.


Let it go. Let it flow. Because it will pass. You have to be patient and kind to yourself. Do not expect darkness to be gone overnight. It is a slow relief. Just a little bit better every day. I can see you smiling and standing out of the cold abyss you are going through. I see you, so beautiful, and calm.


It is all about ups and downs. You have to stay present, attentive and alert for the bright moments. Keep a diary, or some colourful post-it notes to keep track of your uphill road, so that, when you are losing hope, you can look in the mirror, and say to yourself “Today has been a bad day … but look how far I got! The good moments are there!"


I have used post-it notes to remind myself that “this also shall pass”. And when darkness will meet me again, I will just have to keep on fighting and resisting. I will just have to keep on remembering that life is all about opposites. As soon as I embrace my darkness, my light shines so colourful that it makes also others shine so brightly.


Right now you are still wearing moon clothes, but stay ready: the sun is just preparing for your next parade.


Once, somebody told me that after 30 secs a hug becomes therapeutic. I am giving you that warm hug right now. Feel it, and remember that as life is all about opposites, so are you, and me.