From Katie

Dear You,

I was on top of the world when I first experienced depression. It was the first week of my sophomore year at college and I was on cloud nine. I had so much to be excited for.. yet I also felt like the slightest "wrong move" could mess it all up. The worry and overwhelm consumed me one particular night before I went to sleep and resulted in a panic attack. From that point on I began to have panic attacks every night before going to sleep, leading to a long road of insomnia recovery and several years of varying degrees of anxiety and depression.

In the darkest moments, I felt so ashamed, worthless and alone. I NEVER want anyone to feel that way. I know that reaching out to someone I loved and leaning on true, loving relationships likely could have prevented my situation or at the least advanced my recovery.

Please if you are struggling or going through a difficult time, reach out to people that love you. If necessary, build relationships or even reach out to strangers. Some people may not understand what you are going through but there are so many amazing people in this world that care about the wellbeing of others and that are willing to listen and help.

You shouldn't ever suffer alone.

There is always, always hope. Please believe that and take action with that in mind.