From Jessica

Dear You,

I know its hard. To see the light beyond the dark can seem impossible at times but I know... I know it gets better. One day you will get out of this dark pit inside your mind. I'm not promising it will be tomorrow, or that it will be next week, or even in 6 months time, but what I can promise is that it will get better.

The sad thing about depression is that it often never truly leaves you, HOWEVER, it only makes you stronger.

You fell off your bike, this only helped you improve.

You failed a few tests, this only helped you to improve.

You've battled with your mind, this can only make you stronger.

It took me years to finally receive the right help to battle my depression and at age 14 I didn't see anyway that I would ever be truly happy again. But hand on heart, at aged 19, I can stand here and say that I am winning the battle against my depression. The feeling of smiling and truly feeling happy after so long of pretending is unimaginable.


Huge hugs and stay strong little soldier,

Love Jess x