From Jemma

Dear You,

I'm not going to ask how you are. I remember that feeling too well. See, 18 months ago I was you. I remember so well the torment and torrent of feelings. But that's all it is now, a memory. I know, I wouldn't believe me either.


It's hard to believe and imagine a time beyond this pain. But I promise you, it is there. Waiting for you, when you're ready. It's not impatient. Just...waiting. And no matter how long you take to get there, it will just sit there: waiting patiently for you to be ready to embrace it.

Just take a deep breath. Go on. And another. Every breath is you still living. And even if that's all you manage today, I remember what an achievement that is on the bad days. You're achieving something with every breath you take.

And I'm proud of you.