From Helen

Dear You,

I have had depression on and off for most of my life and I know just how awful it can get ... where waking up feels like the worst thing that can happen, but you can't see a way to get out of the mess, either.  A kind of lifeless limbo. 

And yet, you are reading this letter and so there is something in you that is looking for something - for some sort of resolution.  And that's what's kept me going all this time.  And I'm glad I didn't give up on life, although it felt so tempting at times.  Because nothing lasts forever, although it seems it will.  And now there are days when I genuinely enjoy the sunset or the birds flocking to the bird-feeder, or the clouds scooting by on a windy day.  Nature, I have found, has the capacity to help us heal.  This good earth demands nothing of us, yet holds us gently, lovingly, when all else seems to fail. And so I am glad you are looking at this website. 

And I look forward to reading YOUR letter of hope, in due course.

With heartfelt love and care,

Helen x