From Hannah

Dear You,

I’m glad that we can talk today. I know sometimes you just want to give in or forget but this is
happening. I know you know that because you’re letting me talk to you and that’s extremely brave. You are brave and you are strong because you’ve been going through this and I know it’s exhausting.

I know it can be hard especially when you hear people talk about how doing hurtful things to themselves gave them relief, and you want that relief so badly. But really the relief of pain is nothing compared to the swelling of joy that recovery can bring. Try your best not to listen to the pain and start to listen to the joy.

I know that you might not think you deserve happiness but you do. However bad you think what you’ve done is you are still a good person and you will understand that soon.

Thank you for letting me talk to you. You may not want to burden those around you with what’s going on right now or maybe you just don’t want them to know. Maybe you’re sad they haven’t noticed, or perhaps you blame them a bit for how you feel or maybe you don’t want this to change their opinion of you. It’s ok, you don’t have to tell them, but you have to tell someone. I promise that will help more than you can imagine.

All pain is only temporary. Try and hold onto that if you can. Depression does have an end and you will feel amazing when it’s gone. It is so worth holding on because life is so worth it and can be so good. You probably can’t believe that now but it’s true. You will forget this feeling that seems to be all consuming right now. There is a future ahead of you where you will go weeks without thinking of the word depression. You’ll forget the pain. I know it is hard but please hold on because it does get better.

Life is worth fighting for.

You are strong and you are brave. Thank you for letting me talk to you.