From A Friend

Dear You,


You may be anxious, fears churning endlessly in your mind and belly, day and night.  These thoughts are a false prophet of your future and of you. You will see the world differently too, in time.


You may hate yourself, for what you think you have done or who you think you are. Believe me those who have loved you, love you still. You will know this to be true too, in time.


You may feel despair, will this hell never end? Listen, ‘this’ is only a bad dream. You will up wake to a better life too, in time.


You may feel numb, your emotions in a cold fog. This is only deep winter. Spring, summer and autumn lie ahead for you too, in time.   


You may feel alone. Trust me you are not. Many stand next to you now, shoulder to shoulder in the darkness. We are there but you cannot see us.  Even more of us have been ‘there’, yet we have returned home. You will too, in time.


You will get better.


A friend