Do you want to write a Recovery Letter?

Recovery Letters should be short enough to read in one sitting as attention span when unwell can be short. You can explain what worked for you but best to avoid direct advice as recovery is different for everyone.

The best letters give some insight into your own experience with depression but concentrate on reassuring others that recovery is possible.

We don't publish all letters but are happy to give some ideas about how to write an inspiring letter; for example it can help to imagine someone in deep suffering in front of you as you write.

Some brief guidelines, letters should:

  • Be addressed to 'Dear You'
  • Written in the first person e.g. 'I felt that...'
  • Be up to 1,000 words in length, preferably less
  • Be supportive and give comfort to the person reading the letter
  • Use your first name or a pseudonym to end the letter

You retain copyright and responsibility for the letter and at any time you can ask for it to be taken down or changed. We can happily link to your own blog or website too. You can of course use the letter on your own blog or elsewhere; if you could link to this website too that would be really appreciated. If you can promote this website on any social media that would be great.

No money changes hands for this website, no one is paid nor pays; it's about helping those currently suffering. The letters may be edited to fit in with the others but this will be done in conjunction with you to make sure you're happy. At the moment we only accept letters from people who are 18 years old and above.

Send your letter with a quick covering e-mail to James: [email protected]